Processing Fear with Unconditional Love

5 step process 

1) Acknowledge Fear - To effectively and efficiently process our Fear we need to acknowledge it as a part of being human.

2) Breathe into Core - Breathing past the shallow breath of the fight/flight instinct and into the lower abdomen or Core allows us to rest beneath our Fear in a place of Unconditional Love.

3) Meet Fear with Passion - Breathing down into the core and tightening our stomach muscles we create an experience of Passion.  We can meet our Fear with Passion at the same level of intensity by how much we breathe in and how much we tighten our stomach.  This is engaging the ego beyond the limitations of the thinking mind.

4) Release up and out - When we match our Fear with our own Passion we can release it by bringing our attention and intention to the top of our head at the moment we release this tension in our body. This will release the tension up and out.  To initially help with this we can raise our eyebrows at the time of release helping bring our attention and intention to the top of our heads. 

5) Repeat and Enjoy! - After practicing this we can begin to Process our Fear consciously just with our attention and intention as a natural way of being human, beyond the limitations of our thinking mind or ego.  We can also use these techniques to create greater Passion in our experience.  When creating greater Passion we can create greater release or Pleasure.  We can choose to release faster or slower to create different textures of Pleasure.  We can begin to explore and play as a human being who embraces both Love and Fear and Enjoy processing our experience of Fear with Pleasure.


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