Humanity’s Opportunity

Humanity’s Opportunity 

to Reveal 

Heaven On Earth

As all of us as a human race are experiencing the same fear it is an opportunity to take a moment and acknowledge fear as a part of being human. We can begin to see that we are connected by both love and fear. As we practice accepting our own fear we reveal Unconditional Love as exactly who we are individually and collectively.  This is because both love and fear are part of our experience of Unconditional Love.  

When we accept fear as a part of being human we can begin to see that we are all truly connected by this Unconditional Love.  When we resist our fear we project it into the world as separateness, anger, hate, frustration, stress, sadness, judgment, blame, etc. As we take this opportunity to practice processing our own fear, we can come out of this event recognizing ourselves and each other as Unconditional Love.  

As we embrace our love and fear we can begin to see both as a part of who we are and both as a part of each one of us.  We will be able to see when somebody is projecting their fear of fear into the world.  As all of us embrace fear as a part of being human, those who choose not to will be obvious.  We will support them by the mass example of humans consciously accepting and processing their our own fear.  This is an opportunity to consciously evolve together into our Unconditional existence right now.  In the image and example of Unconditional Love this is the way to Heaven on Earth, the Heaven on Earth that is right here right now!

Unconditional Love Weekend Event 

Come join the online Unconditional Love Event.  Share your own Unconditional Love by leaving a comment, sharing the event, and receive a gift of my latest book Purpose Passion Pleasure.  Let’s send as much Unconditional Love into the world that we can, taking this opportunity to reveal the Heaven on Earth that is right here, right now!


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