Consciously Evolving

Consciously Evolving

We consciously evolve when we process our feelings or fears.  It is the fear of our feelings or fears that keep us from understanding and accepting more of who we are as a human being.  As we understand and accept more of who we are as a human being we can consciously evolve.

The level of excess fear in the world has been increasing for thousands of years.  This is due to a growing race of human beings that do not accept fear as a part of being human.  This fear of fear is what creates the excess fear we experience in our world.  As there become more human beings that do not accept fear, we have more people projecting their fear of fear into the world.  If we are not consciously accepting our fear we are unconsciously projecting our fear of fear into the world.  This is done through thoughts, words, actions and non-actions.

This excess fear over the years has not just been created by specific individuals. There are specific individuals in positions of power over the years that have project their own fear, of this excess fear, into the world.  This adds to the fear that is already in excess.  Our ego grabs onto this and wants to blame these individuals for all the excess fear.  

The truth is that these individuals are all products of our own human society. They grew up in a world that we created.  A world of human beings that do not accept fear as a part of being human.  They are reacting to the excess fear that is created by our fear of fear.  This is something that we as a human race have created over thousands of years.

As long as our ego continues to tell the story of “no fear” and does not accept fear as a part of being human, it gives the ego of an individual in a position of power an excuse to help protect us from this excess fear.  As we diminish this excess fear by accepting our own fear the individual in a position of power will only be left with their own fear.  

We can blame past generations and individuals in power for all this excess fear, and we can leave this growing excess fear for future generations.  This excess fear will continue to grow until the ego can no longer deny it.  When we acknowledge we are a part of the problem, because we do not accept fear as a part of being human, we can decide to become part of the solution.  We can decide to consciously evolve past our fear of fear.

As we begin to consciously process our own fears we start to minimize our own projection of this fear of fear into the world. Our thoughts, words, and actions are based on accepting our own fear.  This is consciously evolving. As more of us do this we become an example of healthy human beings accepting our own fear.  We each become an example and support for all those around us to practice owning their fear and evolve consciously.

Buddha taught us how to rest beneath our ego in who we are as Unconditional Love.  Christ gave us the example of Unconditional Love engaging the ego.  It is time that we rest beneath our ego while engaging it from a place of Unconditional Love in each of us.  This is being able to engage the ego physically beyond the limitations of our thinking mind and ego.  This is consciously evolving as Unconditional Love.

When we learn how to take ownership of our fear in our moment to moment life, we begin to minimize this growing excess fear in ourselves and our world.  We begin to bring the levels of excess fear down to normal levels. Normal levels of fear that are healthy and a natural part of being human.  This will begin to reveal who we are as Unconditional Love individually and collectively, and reveal the Heaven on Earth that has always been here.  The Heaven on Earth that is right here right now!


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