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Are you a Jedai?

The ancient Jedai Priest used the language of light to tune the planet like a giant harmonic bell.  The translation of the word Jedai is “the way of the word” or “the power of the word”.  The language of light is that of Unconditional Love, and it will bring harmony to the planet.  The way or power of the word is sharing the truth of Unconditional Love that embraces both the love and fear as a part of our conditional experience.  As we individually embrace our own love and fear we create personal balance of our experience and minimize our own projection of fear into the world.  In doing this we become a mirror for those around us as an example of a balanced human being embracing their own love and fear.  The more of us that realize this balance the greater the opportunity to create balance or harmony for all human beings and our planet as a whole.


Are you a Jedai?

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How to Live a Sensational Life

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