Eric Bonnici is a father, public speaker, workshop leader, entrepreneur, Applied Meditation Counselor/Trainer, certified Qi Gong Trainer/Healer, a Black belt in Judo and originator/consultant for Open Heart Marketing®. He is the founder of Living Unconditionally®, a non-profit educational organization, and the founder of Holistic Human® LLC.

Eric also is an owner of 4 Total E LLC a marketing, consulting, and publishing company. He has authored the book “Unconditional Love®: Understanding the Psychology and Embodied daily Life Practice of Unconditional Love®” , “I AM LOVE: The Next Step in Our Evolution” and "Living a Sensational Life: Embracing the Experience of Being Human", as well as “Awakening Soul: 10 ways to free the spirit” a 12 disc audio/video series and Online Course, "Living a Sensational life" online course, "Experience Unconditional love online training", and "The Way to Heaven on Earth online System 1.0"