Awakening Soul

10 Ways to Free the Spirit

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You can learn the simplicity of being aware of life's natural process and how this simplicity can create more ease and joy in your everyday life.

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Eric Bonnici's ebook "I am Love" 
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From: Eric Bonnici - Expert in understanding Unconditional Love®  in a world of conditions


Unconditional Love®  is the easiest way for you to understand the sensations you experience in your day to day life.

If you are someone who studies spirituality in any of its forms, I'd like to share with you how easy it is to ground your knowledge into the simple wisdom that naturally arises as sensation in your body

If you are someone who struggles with spiritual faith, let me show you how easy it is to ground that faith as it naturally arises as sensation in your everyday life.

If you are someone with no spiritual background, allow me to show you that spirituality is not in what you know; it is how you become aware of it as a physical sensation which naturally arises in your everyday life.

If you are someone who has a hard time accepting the multitude of beliefs and behaviors, I will show you how to understand them by being aware of the sensations that naturally arise in your body.

"Being able to open up in this manner will lead to increasing periods of spiritual illumination that fosters healing from deep within a place of inner peace..."
John Argeropoulos (Emeritus Professor, consultant, and workshop presenter)

"Eric Bonnici has done a marvelous job of embracing such an intangible concept and clarifying all the mystifying aspects of it."
Sandra Alexcae Moren (Author, educator and Spa Consultant)

"Eric presents several key ideas that are radically different from anything I encountered previously and that tie everything else together in one cohesive whole!"
Sharon Hickson, P.E. (Professional Engineer, Financial Advisor, and Musician)

6 Reasons why this course is so valuable for your everyday life

1) Personally - You will learn to have a greater acceptance and love for yourself.

2) Relationships - You will learn how to easily share your life and feelings with a significant other, so there is a greater understanding of each other.

3) Parenting - You will learn how to create simplicity in the understanding between you and your child/children.

4) Work - You will learn how to resolve conflict quickly and become more productive.

5) Community - You will learn how to view blame and judgment, and increase your ability to support others.

6) Globally - You will learn a realistic possibility of creating peace on earth by just sharing your everyday life perspective.

When your able to recognize sensations in your body at the most basic level, these same sensations make your ability to understand life easier. What makes you unique is how you choose to describe these sensations to others.

Recognizing these sensations is so simple, my daughters as early as 2 and 3 years old were able to recognize them, and we are able to understand each other with greater ease and compassion.

"We highly recommend this for people looking to do their part in changing the world vibration."
Conscious Enlightenment Publishing

"Eric Bonnici has given us a taste of the fruit of Unconditional Love!"
Tony Moreno (Motivational coach, and international Hispanic marketing consultant)

"Eric is a special light in every room he enters. His heart shines through his eyes and his smile soothes the pain that remains silent, until his love gives it permission to leave."
Teri Hawkins - Author of "Life Retold"

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