Mental Relaxation


Unconditional Love®

Let me show you how you can have a sense of mental relaxation by learning how to be aware of Unconditional Love as a naturally existing experience of everyday life.

From: Eric Bonnici - Expert in understanding Unconditional Love®  in a world of conditions


Unconditional Love®  is the easiest Technique for you to create a sense of Mental Relaxation.

If you are someone who is challenged with the consistent flow of thoughts that fill your head, I would like to share with you how to ground these thoughts in the sensations that naturally arise in your body.

If you are someone who is beginning a practice, of any form of mental relaxation, I would like to share with you how to enhance your practice by being aware of the natural arising sensation of Unconditional Love in everyday life.

If you are someone who has practiced mental relaxation for any amount of time, l would like to share with you an opportunity to deepen your relationship with the Unconditional Love that naturally exist in your experience of being Human

"Eric Bonnici has done a marvelous job of embracing such an intangible concept and clarifying all the mystifying aspects of it."
Sandra Alexcae Moren (Author, educator and Spa Consultant)

8 things you will learn about Mental Relaxation

 A step-by-step breakdown of a way of dealing with mental relaxation. 

 How to deal with everyday stressful situations in 3 simple steps.

The undisputed number one method for solving mental relaxation completely from scratch.

The easiest way to reduce stress 

What are the top 3 ways to avoid a stressful life

A little known secret about life’s natural process

How to quickly and easily change our habits so that we can simplify our lives

8) 2 simple, but effective ways to enjoy more of everyday life challenges

When your able to recognize the simplicity of Unconditional Love® in everyday life, you truly have the opportunity to fulfill the greatest potential for Mental Relaxation.

"Eric presents several key ideas that are radically different from anything I encountered previously and that tie everything else together in one cohesive whole!"
Sharon Hickson, P.E. (Professional Engineer, Financial Advisor, and Musician)


Mental Relaxation 
Unconditional Love® 
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With much Aloha,
Eric Bonnici
Unconditional Love®