Before we can begin COACHING, it is important for you to understand my office policies. By filling out the intake form and agreeing to coaching, you will be stating that you have read, understood and accepted my policies listed below.

1. I provide Personal Coaching for physical,spiritual and life enrichment.

2. Confidentiality: Coaching can only be effective if there is a trusting confidential relationship. All communications are kept strictly confidential.

3. Sessions are 50 minutes long. Longer sessions will be negotiated as necessary.

4. All phone fees will be paid by check, Visa or Master Charge. If your check or credit payment does not clear, you agree to immediately make good for the amount of the payment plus reasonable bank fees and collection charges.

5. Appointment times are set by mutual agreement. A minimum of 24 hours is required for all changes and cancellations. Cancellations or changes made with less than 24-hour notice will be charged the full amount.

6. There can be a variety of experiences with any form of coaching. Coaching is a goal directed process. During the process, old issues may be opened so that sometimes it seems to get worse before it gets better. Progress and success may vary depending upon the particular problems or issues being addressed, as well as many other factors. This is your journey and you will need to do the work to enhance your physical and spiritual well-being.

7. I am committed to give you the highest standard of care. If I feel for any reason that I am unable to continue to provide you with effective coaching, I will make every effort to find an appropriate referral for you. I will discuss with you my reasons and feelings for this decision.

8. Because coaching is the development of a relationship between coach and client, the termination process is an important phase of coaching. The decision to end coaching may be initiated by you, by me, or by mutual agreement. My goal is to make this process as mutual as possible.

9. Crisis lines numbers. If there is an emergency call 9ll and ask for help.