Living a Sensational Life

Embracing the Experience of Being Human

6 week online course


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Thank you for considering an affiliation with me.  This is your opportunity to be a part of one of the greatest steps in our growth as a human race.  To become conscious of our potential to live life from the Unconditional Love that exist in each of us.  This starts with Living a Sensational Life.  It is a Sensational Life because I explain all of my teachings as a sensation within our nervous system, and the way we experience life as a human being. To be able to experience this potential for yourself, today, I will send you a full copy of all the links to the Living a Sensational Life online course.  I am giving this to you so you can have an understanding of the course you will be sharing and the simple yet profound shift in our consciousness that has the greatest potential of our time.  Below is a link to a press release, I am currently marketing, showing the potential of Living a Sensational Life:

If you decide to become an affiliate/messenger you will be able to easily share the course with social media, your email list, on your blog, and/or advertise.  As an affiliate you will receive a 50% commission for any purchase of the Living a Sensational Life online course.  The course sells for $198.  You can view the course sales page here:

As a bonus for signing up today, your new affiliation will track all of your referrals for any future purchases of all my other digital books, courses, training, membership site, and any future digital, books, courses, trainings, and programs I will be creating.  You will continue to receive 50% commission on any of these sales as well. 

As another added bonus for becoming an affiliate today, I am offering an additional commission for anyone you refer to the affiliate program.  This is an affiliate/manager position and you will receive 25% commission on any sales that are made by these referrals.

Login below and I will send you the links for the course so you can see your potential of being a part of the greatest consciousness shift of our time.

Thank you again for your consideration and please email me with any questions.

With much Aloha

Eric Bonnici

Unconditional Love®